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The SHHOA Board Members(Trustees) meet the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00PM at the community clubhouse. All homeowners are welcome to attend.  Please feel free to come out for the meeting, discuss concerns, and meet your Board and neighbors.

If you have a topic you would like to discuss with the Board at a meeting, please contact the Business Office no later than the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting to be place on the agenda.

Note:  Monthly Board of Trustees meeting minutes are not posted until the following month when the previous months meeting minutes are approved.  For example, January meeting minutes will not be posted until they are approved at the February meeting. Agenda’s are posted the Friday before the monthly meetings.

Proposed Agendas for Monthly Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Meetings.


SHHOA Board Meeting Agenda

1-January 2021 Proposed Agenda

2-February 2021 Proposed Agenda

3-March 2021 Proposed Agenda






September Annual Meeting 





SHHOA Board Meeting Minutes

1- January, 2021 Minutes

2- February, 2021 Minutes

3-March, 2021 Minutes

4-April, 2021 Minutes

5-May, 2021 Minutes

6-June, 2021 Minutes

7-July,2021 Minutes


September Annual Meeting 






SHHOA Board Meeting Agenda

1-January 2020 Proposed Agenda

2-February 2020 Proposed Agenda



5-May 2020 Proposed Agenda

6-June 2020 Proposed Agenda

7-July 2020 Proposed Agenda

8-August 2020 Proposed Agenda

9-September 2020 Annual Proposed Agenda

9-September 2020 Proposed Agenda

10-October 2020 Proposed Agenda

11-November 2020 Proposed Agenda

12-December 2020 Proposed Agenda

SHHOA Board Meeting Minutes

1-January 2020 Minutes

2-February 2020 Minutes

3-March 2020 Minutes


5-May 2020 Minutes

6-June 2020 Minutes

7-July 2020 Minutes

8-August 2020 Minutes

September Annual Meeting 

9- September, 2020 Minutes

10-October, 2020 Minutes

11-November, 2020 Minutes

12-December, 2020 Minutes


SHHOA Board Meeting Agenda

1-January 2019 Proposed Agenda

2-February 2019 Proposed Agenda

3-March 2019 Proposed Agenda

4-April 2019 Proposed Agenda

5-May 2019 Proposed Agenda

6-June 2019 Proposed Agenda

7-July 2019 Proposed Agenda

8-August 2019 Proposed Agenda

9-Sept Annual 2019 Proposed Agenda

9-Sept Annual (Rescheduled) 2019 Proposed Agenda

9-September 2019 Proposed Agenda

10-October 2019 Proposed Agenda

11-November 2019 Proposed Agenda

12-December 2019 Proposed Agenda

SHHOA Board Meeting Minutes

1-January 2019 Minutes

2-February 2019 Minutes

3-March 2019 Minutes

4-April 2019 Minutes

5-May 2019 Minutes

6-June 2019 Minutes

7-July 2019 Minutes

8-August 2019 Minutes

9-Annual Meeting 2019 Minutes

9-September 2019 Minutes

10-October 2019 Minutes

11-November 2019 Minutes



SHHOA Board Meeting Agenda 

1-January 2018 Proposed Agenda

2-February 2018 Proposed Agenda

3-March 2018 Proposed Agenda


5-May 2018 Proposed Agenda

6-June 2018 Proposed Agenda

7-July 2018 Proposed Agenda

8-August 2018 Proposed Agenda

9-Sept Annual 2018 Proposed Agenda

9-September 2018 Proposed Agenda

10-October 2018 Proposed Agenda

11-November 2018 Proposed Agenda

12-December 2018 Proposed Agenda

SHHOA Board Meeting Minutes 

1-January 2018 Minutes

2-February 2018 Minutes

3-March 2018 Minutes

4-April 2018 Minutes

5-May 2018 Minutes

6-June 2018 Minutes

7-July 2018 Minutes

8-Aug 2018 Minutes

9-Annual September 2018 Minutes

9-September 2018 Minutes

10-October 2018 Minutes


12-December 2018 Minutes

Older agendas available upon request.