Community Pool

Sky Harbour’s Community Pool

Sky Harbour’s community swimming pool allows residents to escape the sweltering heat of Texas summers. The professionally-managed pool facility opens Memorial Day weekend and is open for residents’ use and enjoyment throughout the summer.

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Pool Access

Pool access wristbands for the 2018 season are now available for purchase during regular business hours at the Community Clubhouse. Pool wristbands will be $2 per person.  Each guest is $1 for the day. Pool wristbands are non-refundable.  Everyone 5 years and older will need a wristband.  Children who have turned 5 years old since last summer, or will be 5 years old by June 1, 2018, must have a wristband for the upcoming pool season.  A pool application must be filled out for all swimmers.   Please return completed pool applications to the Sky Harbour Homeowners Association office at the Community Clubhouse (located next to the pool). Children under 5 years old may obtain a wristband in order to bring in guests to the pool. This will allow our 5 and under members the opportunities to have an older guest accompany them when other family members are not available.

Check the Community Calendar as we will be announcing when the pool becomes available each season.

Pool Schedule
The pool schedule is as follows: 
–  Mondays, closed for cleaning
–  Tue – Sun 10:00am – 9:00pm
–  Friday, Adult swim 8:00pm – 9:00pm
See you there.
Pool Facility Rules

NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY . Swim At Your Own Risk. Safety equipment (Life Preserver, Rescue Hook and Rescue  Tube) will be highly visible and accessible around the pool area.

  1. The pool is available to Sky Harbour residents (in good standing) and their guests only. Guests are considered to be:
    • A relative who occasionally visits a resident of Sky Harbour
    • A visiting friend of a resident
    • A relative or friend here on vacation
    • Residents of Sky Harbour without their own wristband may not be the guest(s) of a resident with a wristband
  2. Pool wristbands must be checked by pool monitors before admittance.
  3. Pool users must obey pool monitors and other supervisory personnel.
  4. Any child 9 years of age or younger must be accompanied by the child’s parent or a person 18 years of age or older. Children between the ages of 9 and 12 may enter the pool unaccompanied by an adult if they have passed the swim test.
  5. Parents are responsible for their children and guests in the pool area.
  6. Glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area. Food and drinks are not allowed in the area.
  7. Smoking in designated areas only.
  8. Pets are not allowed within the fenced pool area.
  9. Loud music in the pool area is prohibited.
  10. Loud, abusive, or foul language will not be tolerated.
  11. Running or rough-housing (throwing each other, pushing, dunking, splash fights, dog fights, etc.) in the pool area is prohibited.
  12. Jumping off backwards or in a manner that throws the head back toward the side of the pool is prohibited. Flips from the side of the pool are not allowed.
  13. Diving in shallow water (5 feet or less) is not allowed.
  14. Chewing gum while in the water is not allowed.
  15. For the health and safety of all swimmers, anyone with an open sore or a communicable disease is prohibited from entering the water. Persons having or reasonably suspected to have any considerable areas of exposed sub-dermal tissue, cuts, open sores, blisters, bandaged wounds, known or recognizable communicable diseases, cough, cold, fever, inflammation of the eyes, or ear or nasal discharge will not be allowed to enter the pool area.
  16. Spitting, urinating, blowing of the nose, spouting water, or depositing foreign matter is strictly prohibited.
  17. Stay off the rope dividing the pool’s deep water area from the shallow area.
  18. Approved flotation devices include: small-sized tubes and floaties worn on the body. Large floats are prohibited.
  19. Balls and other small pool toys are allowed unless they become an annoyance to others.
  20. Proper swimming attire is required: cut-offs or t-shirts are not allowed in the pool.
  21. Diapers are not allowed in the pool.
  22. Swimmers should use commercial sun / UV protective creams, lotions, and sprays only. Cocoa butter, baby oil,  and similar materials are insoluble in pool water.
  23. Pool Monitors are employed to ensure the safety of all. They have authority to remove from the pool area anyone disobeying the rules or endangering the safety of him/herself or others.
  24. Pool Monitors have the authority to suspend offenders for one day. Additional violations will be reported to the pool committee. Repeat violations will result in revocation of swimming privileges for the remainder of the season.  As noted above, Pool wristbands are non-refundable for any reason.
  25. Be alert to help anyone in trouble. Call for help immediately. Do not move or remove injured people from the water who complain of back or neck pain.
  26. Anyone caught within the locked fenced pool area after hours will be suspended for the remainder of the summer and trespassing charges will be filed against him/her.
  27. The pool is subject to be closed during severe weather conditions as determined by pool monitors. E.g., thunder / electrical storms, heavy rain, tornadoes, etc…