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The mission of the ARC is to preserve and protect property values within the neighborhood such as:

  • (a) to ensure that improvements proposed for installation, replacement, or construction on any lot are compatible and harmonize with the architectural scheme of the neighborhood, and comply with the Declarations and rules, regulations and guidelines of the Association, and
  • (b) when delegated by the Board of Directors, to enforce compliance with such Declarations, rules, regulations and guidelines dealing with construction and/or maintenance of lots or improvements thereon.

Listed below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your review.

1. Where do I find the architectural rules/restrictions for our neighborhood?
The architectural rules/restrictions can be found on Legal Documents page and are for your convenience, the Deed Restrictions are segregated by sections.  You should have received a copy of the Declaration at your real estate closing.

2. Are there any other HOA rules or restrictions beyond those in the Declaration?
Yes.  You will need to review the by-laws for additional rules and regulations.

3. How will I know if any of the architectural rules change?
The SHHOA Board will not adopt any new architectural rules unless those rules are approved by a majority of the homeowners. Therefore, should any new rules be proposed, you will have an opportunity to vote on them before they are enacted.

4. When do I need to submit an application for architectural approval?
An application is required whenever you are making a permanent structural modification to the exterior of your home. Typical examples of these types of modifications are decks/patios, sheds and fences. Applications should be submitted in advance of commencing work on the project.  The appropriate permit can be found here.  Please keep in mind that approval of your application is not a substitute for complying with local building codes and obtaining building permits in regards to Hood County.

5. Do I need approval for basic landscaping projects?  Fence Projects?  Storage Shed Projects?

  • No. Planting flowers, shrubs and trees or creating additional flowerbeds does not require approval.
  • Yes.  Fences must be installed in accordance with the deed restrictions and must be maintained in accordance with manufactures recommendations (i.e Industry Standards).
  • Yes.  Storage sheds require a permit which can be found here.

6. What documentation do I need to submit with my application?
Your application should include a copy of the drawings/plans for your project, along with a narrative describing the project. The application should be emailed to If you are unable to submit an application electronically, you may deliver your application to 2707 Galaxy Street, Granbury, TX 76049.

7. If my application is denied, what are my options?
You may appeal directly to the Board and will be given an opportunity for a hearing at which you can present the reasons you believe the application should be approved.

8. What is the role of Architectural Review Committee?
The Architectural Review Committee assists the Board in reviewing applications for exterior home improvements and, when appropriate, addresses architectural violations that are impacting the community. The Architectural Review Committee serves at the direction of the Board and does not have authority to enact architectural rules or render a final decision on an application.

9. If I believe that a neighbor is violating an architectural rule, how do I report it?
The Board requests that you discuss the issue with your neighbor directly before bringing it to the Board’s attention. The Board believes that neighborly communication is the best method to resolve concerns and fosters a better environment among residents. If, however, these communications do not resolve the issue, or if it is for some reason impossible to deal with the problem directly, then you may fill out the Compliance Report Form.