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Compliance helps protect the property values for all, while helping to maintain the pre-eminence of Sky Harbour as a community.

To safeguard the aesthetics of the community, the Association works with owners to maintain – or achieve – compliance with the Rules and Regulations that govern Sky Harbour. Staff regularly visits the many different “neighborhoods” that together make up our community to be on the lookout for obvious violations of Sky Harbours’ governing documents. The Association also investigates and responds to complaints from residents.

Our Compliance Coordinator serves as an educational resource for owners. Our goal is to help residents understand Sky Harbours’ Deed Restrictions, Architectural Review Guidelines and By-Laws, which identifies compliance procedures. Should violations be noticed, we communicate with owners, educating them on the rule or regulation in question, and explaining what actions need to be undertaken to bring a property in to compliance.

A violation may be reported by a fellow association member, a Board Member, or the Compliance Committee who does monthly inspections.

All homeowner reports of violations must be in writing and signed when communicated via postal mail or fax. If Email is used, there must be a homeowner’s name and address in the body of the Email.

The identity of the person reporting the violation will be held in confidence. It is not revealed to the offending party reported. Due to privacy and confidentiality laws, we do not reveal to any homeowner what action was or was not taken on another homeowner.

There must be a specific CCR section or Rules & Regulations identified to even begin the violation notification process.

We expect all members to observe the Association CC&Rs and encourage members to resolve disagreements with your neighbor(s) without requiring the Board to take action against a member. However, after all attempts have failed to reconcile the situation with your neighbor, a complaint can be  filed with the Board. All violation  complaints must be made in writing and must include your name and address. You must include a description of the violation, the address of the violation, and the time(s) and date(s) seen.

Notification Overview

A copy of the violation report is filed in the homeowner’s file.  Each letter will include a description of the offense and identify the corresponding CCRs section or Rules & Regulation reference.

First Letter – Courtesy or Awareness – Request violation to be cured within 30 days (most violations)

Second Optional Letter – Formal Letter – A $50.00 fine is imposed and reminds homeowner again and requests violation to be cured within 30 days (most violations).

Second violation of same rule or regulation – $75.00

Subsequent violations of same rule or regulation – $100.00 each violation.

Appeal Process

If a homeowner feels that the violation is not legitimate, or feels that clarification of the violation is necessary, they must request in writing a hearing before the Board of Trustees at least 10 days prior to any regularly scheduled board meeting.

Please note that it is 100% the responsibility of the homeowner to notify the association, in writing, of an address change. “Not receiving” any mail, Certified or regular, does not constitute relief of responsibility or penalties.

Please direct your compliance related questions to the Sky Harbour Homeowners Association Compliance Coordinator:

2707 Galaxy Street,  Granbury, TX 76049
Telephone: (817) 573.8659 | Fax: (817) 573.8659  | E-mail: