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Like all quality communities, Sky Harbour is governed by deed restrictions and rules adopted to maintain the high-quality standards that sets us apart from other neighborhoods.  By purchasing a lot here you agree to abide by these rules. Enforcing the deed restrictions and rules is necessary to assure all property owners that the quality of their neighborhood is maintained and their property values are protected.  The Homeowner Association, through the Board of Directors elected by our members, is committed to protecting your investment through full, fair and consistent enforcement of these restrictions.  We try to do this in the friendliest way possible, we are after all your friends and neighbors, so please help us by learning and living the conditions you have accepted.

The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (DCR) also known as Deed Restrictions are the fundamental governing documents of the HOA, and establish the rules under which it exists and functions, and states the owners’ rights and restrictions on the use of common property as well as their obligations to participate in governing and funding the HOA.

Sky Harbour’s By-Laws are organizational documents used to establish specific operating procedures of the HOA for such matters as meetings, voting procedures, leadership positions, and duties and responsibilities of specific officers.

Recording of By-Laws

See link above.  By-Laws are now legally required to be publicly recorded, just like the DCR.

Articles of Incorporation

Sky Harbour Homeowners’ Association, Inc., was formed under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (the “Association” or “HOA”) organized under the laws of Texas on May 16, 1972 and was formed by natural persons (Articles_of_Incorporation) to:

  1. Manage, maintain and preserve the open spaces, common properties and facilities and easement areas of Sky Harbour, a planned recreation community of the present total of ~766 lots located just outside of Granbury, Texas;
  2. Administer and enforce the covenants and restrictions; and
  3. Collect and disburse the assessments on behalf of the members of the Association.

The Sky Harbour development includes eleven separate sections totaling 766 lots.  All properties within the SHHOA are subject to governance by the HOA, but also have separate governance in addition to that of the HOA (i.e. deed restrictions).

The respective documents can be downloaded or they can be found under “Legal Documents“. They are in the PDF file format.

Our board uses the “Robert’s Rules of Order” as parliamentary procedure to conduct our meetings or as best as we can.