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Committee Members

The Parks & Recreation Committee was formed by and under the Sky Harbour Homeowners Association Board of Directors according to the By-Laws of Sky Harbour Homeowners Association.

The purpose of the Park and Recreation Committee is to monitor park and recreation facilities and activities and to make recommendations for improvements, upgrades and additional facilities to the Board of Directors. The Committee is to continually monitor recreational needs and interests of residents and make recommendations to the Board to meet these needs. The Committee will oversee the use and condition of community pool and the park facilities.  The Committee will also make recommendations to the Budget Committee regarding an appropriate budget for implementing its recommendations.

The Committee is made up of a chair and other members who are appointed by the Board.

The Parks & Recreation Committee exists to provide the Sky Harbour homeowners and its residents with events that enhance the joys of living in the community. It utilizes the existing facilities that the homeowners provide, and throughout the year, plans recreational activities for children, adults, and groups of all ages.  Examples included, but are not limited to, BBQs, Easter egg hunts, Bingo, Pool Parties, fish fry’s etc…

The Parks & Recreation Committee duties and responsibilities are described below. Day-to-day operation of the pool (seasonal) is managed by on-site Pool Monitors who reports to the Recreation Committee.  Comments and suggestions regarding pool maintenance or staff should be directed to the committee.

Recreation Committee Members

Recreational Chairman

Recreation Committee Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Recreation Committee include:

  1. Securing and managing Pool membership and guest passes.
  2. Ensuring the seasonal opening and closing of the Pool.
  3. Ensuring year round access to the basketball and volley ball courts, as well as the surrounding grounds.
  4. Supervising contractors for:
  • Pool management
  • Landscaping
  • Refurbishments, maintenance and improvements
  • Insurance evaluation and acquisition
  1. Financial budgeting, assessment and record keeping.
  2. Securing annual permit for pool operation.
  3. Planning, scheduling and managing special events.
  4. Establishing recreational hours, rules, regulations and other use restrictions.
  5. Receiving complaints from members on any matter involving HOA functions, duties and/or activities.
  6. Complete public recording of all acts, finances and affairs.
  7. Other operational decision-making as required.
  8. Regular and accurate reporting to the Association Board of Directors.

For questions regarding Recreation Committee meetings contact Nathaniel Sonntag, Recreational Chairman  at 817.573.8659 or e-mail