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Committee Chair: Tiffany Williams
Committee Member: Vacant
Committee Member: Vacant

The role of the Sky Harbour Homeowners Budget & Finance Committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization. Typical task areas include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Here are the Finance Committee’s basic responsibilities:
1. Provide advice/direction for the entire Board on fiscal responsibility.
2. Regularly review the organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency.
3. Develop an annual budget and submit it to the full Board for approval during the June monthly meeting for the following year.
4. Monitor adherence to the budget.
5. Set long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them.
6. Present all financial goals and proposals to the board of directors for approval.
7. Ensure the maintenance of an appropriate capital structure.
8. Oversee the maintenance of assets, including prudent management of organizational investments.

Although the entire board carries fiduciary responsibility for the organization, the finance committee serves a leadership role in this area, making sure appropriate internal control procedures for all financial transactions are documented in a manual and followed by staff. The committee also plays a role in determining and updating bank account signatories as well as overseeing all legal and governmental filing deadlines are met.

For questions regarding the Budget & Finance Committee contact Tiffany Williams, Chairman  at 817.573.8659 or e-mail